What is Cool.Black.Nerd?

What is Cool.Black.Nerd.?

Though an oxymoron at first glance, Cool.Black.Nerd. is a synergized connection point where contradictory, yet complimentary ideals collide - where success meets humility, where trendsetters meet traditionalists, where Corporate America meets communities.

The goal of Cool.Black.Nerd. is not only to acknowledge that this concept does, indeed, exist, but most importantly to create a space where success is celebrated, knowledge is shared, collaborations are catalyzed, personal and professional growth are fostered, and the Black community is empowered.

So what is Cool.Black.Nerd? It is the long-awaited reality to a dream deferred. We are redefining the nerd. We are scholars and socialites, entrepreneurs and engineers, we are attorneys and advocates, we are educated, motivated, and dedicated to a purpose much larger than ourselves. In essence, Cool.Black.Nerd. is all encompassing,  it is a persona, a brand, an identity, a community, a movement.

Are you a Cool.Black.Nerd.?